How do I find the recording I'm looking for?

Let's say you are looking for a Tannhäuser. You know it is from 1961 and that it is a Bayreuth performance and now you want to know the cast. You click Discography and Tannhäuser in the menu.

You have now entered the Tannhäuser discography. In every discography there is a link list with all the recordings in chronological order. You also have the conductor, the most important artists of the performance and where the performance took place to make it more easy for you to recognise the performance. Go to 1961 and you will find the Tannhäuser you are looking for there. Just click the link and you will see the information on the recording.

Other ways to find a recording - Search

If you want to find recordings with a special artist, click Search and Artists in the menu. Then select the artist if available.

If you know the label and labelnumber, click Search and Labels in the menu. Then select label and choose from the link list sorted by number.

If you want to find performances recorded at a special Opera House, click Search and Houses in the menu. Then select the house if available.

You can also use the Quick Search function to search for artists, labels, and houses not included in the special indexes. Click Search and Quick Search. Here you can also search for all other information included in the discography.

If you're not looking for a special recording, feel free to browse the discography anyway. You may find a recording you didn't know existed.
Why isn't that recording in the discography?

If you can't find information about a recording you are looking for, send me an e-mail. I may not be aware of it's existence. Highly unlikely! ;-) Maybe I don't have enough information about it. It could also be that it has never been released on CD.
Why are not LPs included?

At the moment LPs are not included in the discography. I find searching for CDs alone is a large enough project. All recorded Wagner operas will likely be released on CD eventualy.
What do I do if I find an error in your discography?

In the unlikely event of you finding an error in the Discography ;-), I would be very grateful if you would let me know. I have spent a lot of time trying to eliminate the errors but that is colse to an impossible task. If you find an error, click the "Find any errors?"-link to mail me about it.
Do you sell any recordings?

Where can I buy the recordings?

In the link section you can find links to some of the web based record stores available. They have a lot to offer. The recordings from the big labels, Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, Philips etc., are probably available at your local record store if they have an opera section or a classical music section. The recordings from the smaller labels, Golden Melodram, MYTO etc., may be more difficult to find. Some of these recordings are available at the web based record stores. Your best chance is a smaller private store or second hand. You can also trade for it but that is not completely legal.
If you have any other questions about the discography, send them to