Tristan und Isolde
Live recording in mono from
Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires
August 20, 1948
Conductor: Erich Kleiber
Tristan Set Svanholm
Isolde Kirsten Flagstad
Brangäne Viorica Ursuleac
Kurwenal Hans Hotter
Marke Ludwig Weber
Melot Angel Mattiello
Ein Hirt Roberto Maggiolo
Ein Seemann Humberto di Toto
Ein Steuermann Tullio Gagliardo
Orquesta y Coro del
Teatro Colón di Buenos Aires
MYTO, MCD 993.H031 3 CDs ADD
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Review by Albert Soletsky

This would have been a notable performance if it weren't for the often disturbing surface noise, the at times extremely distorted orchestral sound (no doubt a result of less-than-ideal recording conditions) and the often up-and-down volume level of the singers (no doubt due to the participants' movements). As it is, one is aware of an exciting performance with all principals in top form, with tempos sometimes at breakneck speed but all things kept well in check by Kleiber. In short, a great performance marred by (sadly) technical shortcomings.