Tristan und Isolde
Live recording in mono from
Bayerische Staatsoper, München
July 20, 1952
Conductor: Erich Kleiber
Tristan Günther Treptow
Isolde Helena Braun
Brangäne Margarete Klose
Kurwenal Rudolf Grossmann
Marke Ferdinand Frantz
Melot Albrecht Peter
Ein Hirt Paul Kuen
Ein Seemann Richard Holm
Ein Steuermann Fritz Richard Bender
Chor und Orchester der
Bayerischen Staatsoper
MYTO, MCD 032.H075 3 CDs ADD
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Review by Albert Soletsky

A somewhat unusual TRISTAN in that Helena Braun plays Isolde as doormat instead of as a HELDENSOPRANO a la Flagstad or Nilsson. This is not to say that she sings badly; on the contrary, in the love duet (among other things) she is superb. However in terms of sheer presence she seem overshadowed by Margarete Klose as Brangäne. And somehow the image of Isolde as victim rather than victor triumphant in love-death is disconcerting to say the least. The other principals are in good form, with Kleiber giving solid support. Technically an excellent recording for a live performance of its date, with very clear sound.